Saying Goodbye

Been saying goodbye to a lot of people lately. I was in the Army for 20 yrs and said goodbye a lot. It was different then…I was the one leaving.

Now that I am a Youth Pastor, I spend years building into teens and young adults and then have to say goodbye. Lately I have said goodbye to several people in a very short time. It hurts. I am happy for them as they look to the future and head to college or follow the call God has put on their lives. It still hurts.

I feel like something is missing. Something is being torn away from me. I have known all year they would eventually be leaving and still, I am not ready. I think of the times we have spent together, learning God’s Word,  praying, going on mission trips, laughing. I don’t want it to end. To change.

Things have to change tho. Don’t they? Life has to move forward. Go on. Saying goodbye is necessary for us to grow…even at my age. I look forward to hearing from them, hearing about the journey and experiences.

I am grateful for the time God has given me with them and cherish the memories.

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