That’s the word for the day: Confiscated. According to research, one of the telltale signs of the progression of Alzheimer’s is, obviously, losing things. Kris has been misplacing and losing things for quite awhile. But these las 6 weeks or so she has progressed to a new level.

She has been accusing our son, Zach, who lives with us to help out, of taking her things. Zach will spend an hour helping her find her wallet and then leave for work. Kris will lose the wallet again and call to tell me he took it. A couple of times I have come home just in time to stop her from sending an angry text to Zach about the theft of her item. We always end up finding it…in an hour or so. And, some of the text have made it to Zach, who takes it in stride. He’s a good son.

Anyway, today Kris called and told me that all of her bags had been confiscated by “them”.  That’s all she had to say.





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