We got a whiteboard a couple weeks ago. I wanted to help give Kris things to do and help her progress thru the day. It’s on the side of the fridge. It seems to work well for the most part.

I put reminders about who might be coming over to visit, what time I’ll be home, things to do like fill the bird bath, laundry and so on. Sometimes she reads it, sometimes not, sometimes she gets mad because I am treating her like a kid or giving her a list of chores to do.

I think mostly, I use it to try to give me some sort of comfort. To convince myself that she will read it and be aware of what she can do during the day. I come home at lunch and the end of the day ask her about it, ask her if she did anything. I don’t get much response. Or I get the above mentioned response. I’l keep writing and I’ll keep hoping.

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