Holy Crap.

The bags are out of control. Kris has several bags that she carries around now. Her whole life is in these bags. Everything from coins to underwear, to cans of coke, even bags within the bags. I have tried to hide them so she only carries one. She finds and fills them again.

I have tried to find just the right bag for her. Not an easy task! Right now, she carries 3 bags and has 2-3 hanging in the closet for reserve. She forgets and misplaces everything, so she feels secure putting it all in one place and carrying it around with her. Her heaviest bag has to be about 6 lbs. That’s the one with coke and coin in it.

Kris spends a lot of time sorting thru the bags. Opening and closing each container in the bag, moving it to another bag. Sometimes she’ll pull and item out and tell me about it; a memory or a reason she keeps it in the bag. She pulled out some random bracelets and earrings the other day and told me she has to keep it in her bag because our son and his fiancé are always trying to take them.

She is just trying to keep her world from falling apart. I watch, helplessly, as bits and pieces fall thru her fingers everyday. She says “I lose a piece of myself everyday.” I see it. I feel it.

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