The fight against, con’t…

The fight is now left to us that know and love her. I witness people carry the fight for Kris everyday. The network of people who fight for Kris is wide and varied.

We are blessed to have physical and material support from people like Sue, organizing a walk to raise funds, in Kris’ name. Rick & Donna, long time friends, who come over every Wednesday to watch Kris for me. Jim and Deb, who have been there from the beginning, who often and always drop everything they are doing to help me on a moments notice. Renee, who intuitively knows how to work with Kris and is always coming up with ideas to help. My Dad & shared Mom (don’t like the term stepmom) and my  Mother & Father-in-law who help and have made arrangements to help financially. Elisa & Thomas, Jesse & Mary who got their families together and helped me finish my deck project.

The emotional support from Bob & Patti, who ask how it’s going and mean it and then listen for 30 minutes as I vomit all my feelings. Eric who is on a parallel journey with me as his mom suffers from Alzheimers. Tim, who knows pain, as he watched his mom decline into dementia and then losing his dad just a few months after his mom passed.  Amy and Adam, who have both recently asked me when I am going to write more and encouraged me to do so. Teresa, who has recently lost Marty to cancer and continues to be strong and unshakable in her faith. John, who lost his 1st wife to cancer and watched as she too, declined into dementia. Dana who left everything to care for her Grandmother suffering from age and dementia. Corey who supported Dana in these tough decisions. Tiffany, who recently walked into my office with the hard news that her mom is suffering with dementia. And the serious, heavy decisions she will be making in the months to come. Those that read this Blog. I read your comments and messages, they carry me through, they comfort and encourage.

The spiritual support from my church has been amazing! Scott & Lori who have us for dinner and then just pray over us….the peace that transcends understanding floods us in these moments. The number of people who come to me every week and simply say “We have you in our prayers” is countless.  I appreciate this for a couple of reasons, I know they mean it and they know that words sometimes can’t express, so they keep it short and encouraging and just simply bring our names to God. My co-workers and staff members have gathered around me and support us with prayer and understanding.  Speaking of the staff, they have journeyed with me in this with such grace and understanding. They have seen me when I haven’t been very “pastoral”. I’ve been downright nasty at times and they still support and love me.

Then there are those who just take it.  A select few who have felt the anger and frustration from Kris as she struggles to make sense of what is happening to her. Connie, who spent some months caring for Kris and had things thrown at her and cursed at. Jim, our good friend, who had a special creative connection with Kris, started getting elbowed and told to just leave when he visited.  Melanie who I know prays much for Kris, gets ignored and spoken to harshly. Jessie, our oldest, who visits every Saturday and braves the onslaught of verbal abuse and resentment from her mom. I don’t know why these people have been chosen to take it. I only know they continue to show love and grace. I am grateful for that.

I could write much more and these are just a few of the people that have helped us. No doubt, I have missed some people, because there are so many that have come into our life that help and support.

We are blessed by all of you. Thank you for being there for us!

I have one more installment on this “Fight Against” topic.  I’ll be writing about a very special group of people; my kids and their spouses.




7 thoughts on “The fight against, con’t…

  1. Oh David, I am so glad you have such a huge network of support. It’s hard to see/hear this from so far away and not be able to help, so I will continue to pray for peace for all.
    I’m so sorry Kris was afflicted with this nasty horrible disease, and extremely mad about it. I’m sorry this is happening to you, as a husband. I can’t even imagine.
    We so enjoyed having you guy’s at our house when you were home, got to know Kris more than I ever had, and I’ll be forever thankful for that time! Thinking of you guys all the time, we love you.


  2. Dave, I am sorry to hear about Kris. I am not sure what her illness is but it is a surprise to me. If you have not written to Don I know he wo7ld be interested. I am sure he will pray and Gladys and I will pray. God be with you.


  3. Our endless love, thoughts and prayers are with you all as you continue to support and love Kris. My prayer for peace the surpasses all understanding. It is so hard for one to understand when faced with times such as these what God’s plan is for them. I thank God for the strength you have to share such a personal pain so that others may find understanding, comfort and acceptance. God Bless you David, Kris and family, Love and prayers, LoraLee


  4. Dave our thoughts and prayers are with you all many hugs from us here in Washington. We love you all. Continued prayers


  5. We keep you and Kris in our thoughts and prayers. We are keeping up with your fight in your blog and Facebook. We send our love and prayers. Hugs from Me, Lisa, Xavier, and Benjamin


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