Things that make me smile

This past year has been, singularly, the hardest year of my life. I have watched Kris lose more of herself everyday. I see too much. I see so many things that cause pain. But, I also see things that are truly amazing. I see, hear and experience things that make me smile. It makes me […]

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The Long Goodbye

I’ve been reading The Long Goodbye authored by Patti Davis. I can’t read much in one sitting, too many tears. Patti has a way of unlocking the feelings deep inside and brining them to the surface where they are all too real and raw. It is a Long Goodbye. I see pieces of Kris falling […]

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Holy Crap. The bags are out of control. Kris has several bags that she carries around now. Her whole life is in these bags. Everything from coins to underwear, to cans of coke, even bags within the bags. I have tried to hide them so she only carries one. She finds and fills them again. […]

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We got a whiteboard a couple weeks ago. I wanted to help give Kris things to do and help her progress thru the day. It’s on the side of the fridge. It seems to work well for the most part. I put reminders about who might be coming over to visit, what time I’ll be […]

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That’s the word for the day: Confiscated. According to research, one of the telltale signs of the progression of Alzheimer’s is, obviously, losing things. Kris has been misplacing and losing things for quite awhile. But these las 6 weeks or so she has progressed to a new level. She has been accusing our son, Zach, […]

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I saw it coming

2016 has been a tough year. A year of denial for me. A year of not wanting to admit the truth. It started in 2014ish, when I noticed Kris, my wife of 30 years, was doing some odd things. I noticed little things at first, like words she couldn’t remember, or losing her thought while […]

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Still a Real Dad

Recently I moved on from being a Youth Pastor in our church to becoming an Executive Pastor. I have been blessed with so many posts and pictures by the teens of our youth group and wrote about my experiences in being a Pastor Dad. I am so thankful to the people that made this possible […]

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